News and updates


In light of present realities both the pandemic surrounding the Corona Virus 19 (COVID) and the global crises which have emerged therefrom, Perfected Praise worship event slated for April 11, 2020, is now postponed. Just yesterday, March 23, 2020, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp declared a medical state of emergency. While a new date has not been determined at this point, we encourage supporters and fans to keep returning to this page–and Atlanta Praise’s social media locations–for any updates.

Accordingly, our partners’ inability to join us at the originally scheduled date-April 11–this year means that the 1.0 version of Perfected Praise shall proceed with the exclusion of its initial sub-title, Nite Before Christmas. Nite Before Easter’s facilitator, Mr. Sylvester Sede, has notified us of intentions to host the 2020 edition back home in Nigeria. It is our hope that fans around will find various means at their disposal to support and make the event–whenever it comes up–a success! Mr. Sede has been in the business of organizing the event for years.

We are thankful to all participating gospel ministers for their continued support of Atlanta Praise.

More communications to come as they become available.